Sunday, January 25, 2009

Pop is 50!!!

My dad is turning 50 on Weds. We had a small get together for him on Friday. It was pirate themed because for some reason my Dad loves pirates. It was a lot of fun. Blake and Jess came in and we all had a great weekend together. Saturday and Sunday consisted of Baylor basketball...and a marathon of Prison Break. Here are a couple of pictures from the party

First Hair Cut

Carson got his first hair cut about a month ago. He did really well. I got tired of people asking me if he was a girl or a boy when he was wearing all of his Christmas attire. SO....We got a hair cut. He is such a handsome little boy!!
Carson started sitting up by himself a couple of weeks ago. He still has his moments when he falls, but for the most part he has it down. He now officially can roll over both ways, but HATES to roll from his stomach to his back. He is extremely spoiled and has his daddy wrapped around his finger. We are loving being a family of 3 and are looking forward to the many more changes that will happen in the next couple of months.