Monday, March 24, 2008

Spring Break

Zack and I had Spring Break last week! This is a perk to working in a school district. It was a much needed break for sure. We originally wanted to take a ski trip, but with me being 22 weeks prego that was out of the question. We decided that we would make a trip to Shreveport. Neither one of us had ever been so we thought a short trip would be fun. We went down Weds. with Zack's sister and her husband. The boys managed to lose a whole lost of money the first night we were there. The next day my grandparents came down and we listened to the Baylor game with them. Needless to say we didn't have much luck in Shreveport with gambling or our Baylor Bears. It was a fun trip and an easy drive at that.

Easter we had lunch at my parents house. We all got our easter bags. It consisted of movies and gift cards. I have become the queen of Target. I was more excited about my Target gift card than anything else. I told myself that I would use it to buy some clothes for me. I could use a couple of more bottoms, seeing that mine have all become too small in the midsection.

Today it was back to work, let me tell you it was so hard to get up this morning! I saw my kids and did a crap load of paperwork. I came home and helped Zack with the invoices for the business.....a few minutes later I heard one of our dogs yelp from outside. I went to the back door and Lolie came to the back door, but Gus and Sumo didn't. I walked outside and Sumo started to come to the door and Gus was crying and not putting one of his paws down. I picked him up and started to kind of freak out. I took him to Zack and we couldn't decide if he had broken his leg or torn ligaments. Gus was just crying and wouldn't stop. We thought that he was def. hurt by the way he was carrying on. I got in my car and drove to the vet praying that I would get there in 10 mins so they would still be open. I get there and Gus was due for his shots, so they went ahead and set him up for that as well. We walk back and I put Gus on the table and all of a sudden his leg is fine. He is standing on it and climbing on me with it. I have decided that he is the most dramatic dog ever! 20 mins before the whole world was ending because he hurt his leg, and not he was fine. We got home and I set him down and there was no stopping him. He ran circles around the house. I swear he is a girl!