Thursday, November 6, 2008

Halloween and Homecoming

Carson and I before the Baylor game! Isn't his outfit ADORABLE! My mom made it!

Tough bear ready to BEAT the tigers!

Walking at the parade. He was the cutest little boy there!

He had to change out of his bear costume and put his PJ's on for the Midway game

My sweet little boy in the pumpkins!
Wow this past weekend was CRAZY busy! Thursday we drove to San Antonio to pick up my sister in law. She was going to come back to Waco with us on Friday so we could watch my little sister in pigskin. Blake wasn't suppose to come home until very late Friday night. We got to San Antonio and Blake had called and said he was going to catch an early flights....SO we all drove back Friday together. Friday night Carson put on his bear costume and took some pictures and then changed into his pirate sleeper bc we were heading to the Midway game and then to Baylor for Pigskin.
Saturday we woke up early for the Parade. Carson put his bear outfit back on and this time put a Baylor shirt on over it. He was the CUTEST little boy there. I'm a little biased, but I promise you at least 30 people stopped us and told us how adorable he was. We came home from the parade and got ready for the game. Carson put on his outfit that his Mimi had made him for Baylor's homecoming. Once again he was ADORABLE!! Baylor played a tough game, but just couldn't pull it out in the end.
Sunday Zack and I went to Sunday school for the first time. We left Carson with someone other than my mom for the first time as well. I was very surprised when we arrived and there were only 5 babies including Carson in the baby room. I was relieved bc there were 4 Adults! We tried the Young Adults 1 class. We knew that they were going to be a little older than us, but that is the class with young kids. It was a good lesson and we really enjoyed it. HOWEVER they were quite a bit older and I think we are going to try the younger married class on Sunday.
Everyone knows what happened on Tuesday. I have come to terms with everything and can only pray that God leads our country during this time.
NEWS about the HOUSE!!! Our wood floors are IN!!! They are BEAUTIFUL!! I can't wait to go take pictures. Pretty much all that is left in carpet for the guest room and Carson's room, plumbling fixtures, countertops, appliance installation, and paint touch ups!!!