Thursday, June 4, 2009

Sick Baby

My little man is sick. He started running a fever last night and it got up to 103.7. I called the doctor and they said to put him in a cool bath or put cool wash clothes on him to try to get his temp down. We tried to put him in his crib, but he woke up around 12. We just went ahead and put him in our bed and woke up with him every 30 minutes. He would sleep for 30 minutes then wake up crying. This pattern continued all night. I called mom and dad this morning at 6:20 to see if they would take him early today bc neither Z nor I could get ready this morning with the way he was crying. I came home got ready (I had to look nice this morning bc I have in interview at 4:00) and went to work. On my way in I called the doctor and they wanted to see Carson. His ears/throat were clear so Dr. H. wanted to do a blood test on him to check everything. Nothing showed up on his blood test. The doctor said there were a couple of viruses going around lately and that if he got worse today to bring him in tomorrow morning. I'm really praying he feels better bc Z and I have to work tomorrow morning and my mom will be out of town with my grandfather for his surgery. Please pray that he is feeling better and pray for Z as well. He has him all day today and tomorrow after the bank by himself.

On another note....I believe C is trying to cut all four of his top teeth at once. Could this be the culprit of his crying and fever???? We shall see.....Anyone have any experience with teething like this???


Ashley said...

Poor baby. I hope he feels better and ya'll can get some rest too.

The Jarvis Family said...

Teeth cutting for mine was horrible, exp my little one bc he cut his late and still does not have them all. Some docs say that they do not run fever with teeth but I disagree bc mine runs fever everytime he is about to cut a tooth, hope he feels better

gtown1 said...

Yes, same symptoms of high 103 fever. Just give him the appropriate amount of Motrin every 6 hours and he should be ok. And alternate with Tylenol if it doesn't look like it's helping with Motrin and fussyness.
I'd say it's teeth at least it was for Walker.
Feel better Carson and parents! :(

Ape said...

my poor car car!! audree never ran fever with teeth but I have heard that they can!! I hope he feels better soon, give him sugar from me!! how did the interview go?

Ashley said...

I hope she isn't getting what Car had either!! I just feel bad for her. I will def. ask her Ped. about the carseat. I think I will turn it to face the back until friday...just to be safe!! Thank you! How is Car doing now? Did you have a blast or what seeing George?