Friday, August 16, 2013

A few years and a baby later...

So life has been a little crazy the last couple of years.  Our family has had a few changes...we added a sweet and stubborn little girl to the mix and have been trying to get used to
having two kids! It's not pretty all the time, but I'm hoping it gets easier as the kids get older.  Since the last time I blogged I have a little more extra skin and a lot more gray hair than I ever expected at the ripe old age of 28!  I always pictured this super mom life style, but I will be the first to say that I have failed miserably!  I am surviving at the current moment...I never thought I would be that mom who let their child eat an Oreo for breakfast to avoid a total meltdown 5 mins before we need to leave for work/daycare.  I'm not confessing, but merely pleading the 5th!  

My hope for this blog is to be completely real...share happy times along with struggles.  No mom is perfect.  You do the best you can and sometimes that is just keeping your head afloat.  BUT, after the water settles I want to look back on this time and maybe have a few laughs and hopefully realize I was a pretty good mom and be thankful for the sleepless nights that we have had.  

Here's to real and open!