Sunday, April 20, 2008

Baby Furniture

Who knew that buying baby furniture could be such an ordeal. Yesterday, my mom and I went to the metroplex to buy furniture. We thought surely we would not come home empty handed.....well we did. We went to 3 huge stores there and came up with nothing. I would find a crib that I liked and it would have a matching dresser but not a changing table. UGH....we also found some absolutely beautiful stuff, but for the whole set it was going to be close to $3,000. Who wants to spend that on furniture?? Especially when they are just going to out grow it. So, last night we got home and were absolutely pooped. We got on the internet and continued our search. We eventually come to the conclusion that we will order it was the JcPenney catalog. All that driving and walking around was for nothing. Oh well at least we know what we want and know where to find it.

Oh.....and I have come to a halt on the whole bedding thing. While we were up in Dallas yesterday I found some bedding that I really LOVE. I haven't talked to Zack about it yet, I'm hoping that he can give up his sports dream and go a little more baby. This is my reasoning. Carson will have his WHOLE life to do sports, and if he decides later that he wants his room done in sports I am more than willing. This bedding is just so dang cute I'm hoping I can do some serious convincing when Zack gets home. Here it is.......let me know what you think!


Katie said...

The baby giraffe is absolutely's a must have I think :)

Forrest & Elizabeth Williams said...

Ok here is my 2 cents for what it's worth. Mismatched furniture is 'in' so that's a plus in everyone's court. You can just get this and that from wherever you can...heck Walker's furniture is from my bedroom in jh and hs...seriously!! His crib was donated to the church and they didn't need it...I would get a dresser and put a changing pad on half of it--since a changing table is hard to use for anything other than...and the dresser he can grow into for years to come. And last but not least...since we lived wtih Kim when Walker was born for the first 4 months of his life and now a rental...babies don't know what they have and what they don't--all they know is they are loved and safe and their mama is near :) Ok...sorry to be so simplistic about it all but that's how I feel...guess I had to face facts with saving money and this and that...but I'm thankful I did. With most of my friends having babies around the same time I did ...there was a certain amount of pressure to have this and that and the best nursery--but I got over it real quick and just wanted a healthy/ happy baby. And I got the best one on the block :) Don't get me wrong I LOVE CRAFTY, CREATIVE, one of kind things--but it all doesn't have to be like that. And the jungle theme. I agree ...that's what I decided with the sports thing--he'll always be cornered into sports because his dad is a football coach, so we went with unisex alphabet nursery from target. :) Let's do lunch sometime and chat!! ejw