Friday, April 25, 2008


Zack and I have the most annoying neighbors in the world....we have tried and tried to be nice to these people and things really hit the fan last night. We live in a's not tiny, but it's not huge either. It is certainly not big enough to have SIX dogs....yes you read that right, they have 6 dogs. I'm not talking little dogs either. They have 5 large dogs and one small dog. These people work 10-12 hour days and the dogs are put in crates for those long hours. When they get home the throw them all outside because lets be honest who would actually want to deal with 6 dogs inside. These dogs BARK from the time they step out the door until they bring them in. Last night, Zack and I got home around 7:00. The dogs were barking when we got home and around 9:15 Zack got out of bed and put his clothes on and was off to discuss this problem with our neighbors. (Mind you these dogs had been barking for OVER 2 hours). Zack went next door and confronted our neighbor about it. Zack explained that we were trying to go to bed and the dogs had been barking for over 2 hours. The guy that lives there looked away for a second and then looked back at Zack and said "Oh well" and shut the door in Zack's face. Zack is not the calmest person in the world, but he came home and got on the phone with our landlord, of course no one answered, but he left a message. Now here is the crazy thing....both of these people that live by us are employees of PETSMART. Can you believe that someone who works at a place like PETSMART would neglect animals the way that they do. These dogs are not too skinny, but they have absolutely no human contact. I didn't realize that you got dogs just ignore them. That is pretty much what they do. They have "rescued" several of the dogs that they have, but are they really being rescued when you keep them in a crate ALL day? This morning we talked to the people who own the duplex and explained everything to them. They have assured us that they would take care of the problem. I'm really hoping that these people will do what they are suppose to do. I can totally see them just taking 3 of the dogs somewhere for a little bit and then bringing them back. IF this is the case, I have no problem turning them in again.

On a side note....about 2 weeks ago Zack came home and saw that our neighbors front door was wide open. He then spotted one of their dogs running down the street. He could have just come inside and not thought twice about it, but he called our neighbors at work (he had to call 4 times before they would answer) and told them about it and assured them that he would stay with the dog that was out until they got home. (The dog that got out wouldn't let Zack anywhere near her, she was growling and jumping at him). This just goes to show that these dogs have NO social skills towards humans. I really hope that we can figure our loan stuff and buy a house soon. These people are going to give me high blood pressure!