Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Memorial Day Weekend!

First let me catch you up on my sugar tests. I had to have a 3 hour test done. For those of you that don't know about this test let me fill you in. I had to go in first thing in the morning bc you have to be fasting.....then they take your blood before you drink the glucose stuff, after you do that you have to sit there for 3 hours and they take your blood 3 more times on the hour! I had to have all of the blood taken from my left arm. This was how I spent my day on Friday.

On Saturday Zack and I went to Houston for our old neighbor's little boy's first birthday. He is adorable! I hadn't seen him since August, needless to say he is a lot bigger and practically running from place to place. It really started to set in this weekend that we are going to have a little boy and it will be HIS first birthday before we know it. We stayed Saturday night and headed back home on Sunday. Sunday was pretty lazy. We didn't get home until that evening so we just went to bed. Monday we went to my parents house and swam all day. I decided hat I didn't want to wear my maternity swimsuit and pulled out one of my bikinis. I figured it was just me, Zack and my little sister. No one would mind the belly. I need to take a picture of myself I really haven't taken any since my sister took some over a month ago. I never knew that my stomach could get SO big!

I'm really starting to worry about the whole house hunting thing. We are still waiting to hear about a house that we stumbled across. It hasn't even been put on the market. It is totally true about the whole nesting thing too. I'm really wanting to be settled and get Carson's room ready. We have all of his furniture, but it's in boxes. I want to paint and hang his wall letters and put his bed together.....please keep us in your prayers about the house thing. We have to move out of our Duplex July 9th.


Forrest & Elizabeth Williams said...

I feel for you sister. We were living with Kim for 6 months when Walker was born and we didn't have a 'cutesy' nursery we could personalize and decorate as we wanted...but it was good in a sense that we could just focus on Walker and being good parents and not all the 'extras' of having to paint and find things to match (although that is a very fun part of it all huh? esp. for us girls). We are still in a rental house until we figure out about Forrest's job so who knows when we'll get to fix a 'room just for Walker' as we vision it. Oh well--we enjoy just being with him as much as possible. Yes you need to post a picture--I'm fairly confident your belly is no where near the size that mine was (yikes) and 60 lbs of extra weight...goodness gracious! Hang in there--and have fun at your shower--wish I could be there. ejw

The Broaddus Family said...

hey courtney! glad things are going well! what duplexes do ya'll live in? would you recommend them? patrick and i will be looking for a place this summer, and i was just curious! hope you're staying cool in this HOT weather!