Thursday, June 5, 2008

Kids are GONE!!

Today was my last day to have kids on campus! We only had them for a half a day (which I think is pointless). We went to watch all of the kids load up for the summer. That was the best part. There were many kids that were so excited they could hardly sit still and then there were those kids that we sad and crying. It truly broke my heart to see or hear of those kids being so upset about having to go home for the summer. BUT if you think about it, they are going home and may not get to see any of their friends, they might not get to do anything fun, and they may just not have a very good home life in general. For some of those kids the teacher's were more like parents. With this in mind we have A LOT of fun at the end of the year. If the kids reach their AR goals we have water slide day! (I had a blast last year, but was informed I was not allowed to climb on any slides this year).

On a sad note, as all of the teachers were checking out of school today....(not to return until end of August)...Kristin and I thought about how we had to be back at work on Monday! I have to work until the 19th! Pretty much I'm going to be packing a room and trying to make the packing a very LONG process so I don't have to do anything else. I'm sure by the end of these next two weeks I will def be ready to relax until Carson comes.

OH YEA!! I had a surprise baby shower at work on Tuesday. All of the Special Ed girls that I work with and for told me we were having our end of the year lunch so we could all get together one last time before everyone left, BUT it was my shower. Let me just tell you that I have never had a surprise party....I was SO excited and surprised as well!! It was a lot of fun and I'm so thankful to all of them for doing that for Carson and I.

One more thing, if one more person tells me how big I am and that there is no way that I'm going to make it to my due date I might scream or better yet they might get knocked out. I don't mind the whole not making it to my due date....believe me I would rather NOT make it to my due date. BUT I can't stand when people are shocked at how big I am. I feel like this growth spurt has just happened. I think that Carson is going to be a very big boy! Hopefully not too big!!


Ape and Brett said...

you are not big woman!! You are pregnant and thats what happens you are all belly. You are still small to me. After Carson is here you will lose it no time! I love ya and carson!