Friday, August 8, 2008

Dr. appointment

We had our first dr's appointment today. Carson got to see Dr. Barron for the first time. She is great and really made Zack and I feel good about everything that we have been doing. Carson is now down to 8.4 lbs. She said that it was a good weight and he was within the normal range of weight loss for an infant. She wasn't concerned about his jaundice. She said that his Billy Ruban score wasn't bad enough to even need more blood work done. We are just suppose to watch his skin color and if it gets more yellow to call her. Here is a picture of my handsome man.
Here are the two most important men in my life!!


Anonymous said...

Hi Courtney,
He is so precious! I am so excited for you two-cant wait to see more pics :)

Poco Wilson said...

Court..Im ready for a update.. I love you cant wait to see u guys again