Thursday, April 30, 2009

An exciting day!

Today was a very exciting day at one of my campuses. I spoke with one of the teachers at great length a few months ago about her daughter and the problems that her and her husband were facing with infertility. This couple has been trying for 4+ years to have a baby. They have been through everything that comes along with infertility. They have been through hormones, IUI's and IVF. The IVF was successful once but she lost the baby soon after the procedure was confirmed. They did some more testing and found out that her husband was not going to be able to produce a baby. They went through a time of grief and confusion. He told her that he would understand if she wanted to separate. He wanted her to be a mom more than anything. She brought up the adoption issue, her husband quickly shut that door. He told her that he didn't want to adopt. A few months went by and her husband started to have a change of heart. He wanted to be a Dad just as much as she wanted to be someones Mom. He came to her one evening and had all of the information on an adoption agency. He had already contacted them and started the necessary procedures to get the ball rolling. A couple of weeks later they were hosting an adoption agent at their home. They got the phone call and everything was ready to go. They were going to FINALLY be parents. The agent told them that he has never had an adoption case last more than a year. a year or less they are going to have their little bundle of joy!! As I stood on the playground listening to this new proud grandmother tell me this story I had tears come to my eyes. She and I jumped up and down and hugged. You would have thought she had just won the lottery and in a way she did. She is going to be a new grandmother to a baby that desperately needs these parents. They are going to be able to give this baby so much love it's unreal. She was telling me that they probably won't know what sex the baby is until it is born. The agency they are going through really encourages the birth moms to not find out what they are having because it makes it easier when the time comes for the baby to go home with the adoptive parents. I hugged this teacher again and told her that she better spoil that baby rotten. She informed me that it had already been taken care of! The power of prayer is an amazing thing. We have been praying that God would bless them with a baby and he has! Now we just need to pray that God will find a woman who loves this couple so much that she would give them the ultimate gift.


The Pifer's said...

Awww thats so sweet! Very dear and near in several ways! Thanks for sharing :)

Ape said...

yeah that is so exciting!!! I haven't forgot about your blog haha ill work on it some

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