Thursday, July 15, 2010

He's on my side

Just wanted to share a couple of conversations that were shared today in my family. First let me say, Carson has been completely wild and crazy lately. That probably is an understatement. He constantly wants to wrestle and run around like a maniac. He is very stubborn and will not do anything that wasn't his idea. I called Zack during one of those moments today and here is our conversations:

Me: Your son is CRAZY

Z: He just needs someone to play with.

Me: What exactly are you saying?

Z: Maybe he needs a little brother to play with.

Me: Now YOU are the one that is CRAZY!!!

I asked Carson that afternoon if he wanted a baby and he immediately told me no. I told Zack about that and he decided he and Carson would have another conversation about it.

Z: Carson do you want a baby?

Car: No thanks.

Z: Do you want a little brother?

Car: Nope.

Z: Do you want a little sister?

Car: No Daddy NO!

Made me smile a little to hear them talking about it. Carson is def on my side!

*I don't want people to think that we will never have another child, but honestly Carson is such a handful it really makes me think twice. He is SO all boy and I'm SO tired by the end of the day. I love that boy to death, but man does he act like a maniac!

"You talking to me?"


Ape said...

oh no its def time for another baby :)HAHA Carson cracks me up