Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Summer Fun!

Carson and Harper enjoying dinner
Daddy and Carson swimming under the water!

He loves the pool

What....Zack is wearing Cinch??

Zack and I with the newly weds!

Oh yeah, we went to Vegas for Caitlin's 21st!

We went to Mexico too!

Mindy and I before we got to Mexico

Afternoon with the waterhose!
We have been traveling more than usual lately. We celebrated Caitlin's 21st birthday Vegas style and then we went to Mexico with our good friends Mindy and Herman for their honeymoon/our anniversary. Things are starting to slow down and we are spending a lot of time in the pool and in the sprinklers! Carson loves the water and is def starting to shows signs of the terrible twos! I have started reading a book about raising boys. They are so different from girls. He really is a dare devil and doesn't realize he can get hurt. It takes a lot of energy to keep up with this little guy. He is coming into his own and starting to really show his personality (he may look like me, but he acts like his daddy). We will be celebrating his birthday next month and I can't believe he is already almost 2! Where has the time and my baby gone?


Tiffany said...

Boy I can relate to the terrible 2 thing! Cohen will be 2 next month too and he is really testing his limits lately. What book are you reading?? I would love to know. I also have a blog for 'boy moms' and they might like it too!

The Broaddus Family said...

Love your update!