Friday, July 11, 2008

Contruction ZONE!!!

One of Carson's Walls!! We are almost finished painting his room. We couldn't paint the other walls today bc they were putting in our new windows! Today you can really see everything that is happening. I'm getting REALLY excited about his project of ours!

Can you tell that their is NO BRICK on our house?? The new windows are getting installed.

What a pile of bricks!! See the stone behind it.....that is going up tomorrow! The men had all of the brick taken off the house before 9 this morning!!

A new window INSTALLED!! That is the guest bedroom!

Zack's uncle in actions!! Check him out hard at work. All of the windows should be in today and it will be ready for STONE tomorrow!! Can you tell i'm getting a little bit excited?
In other news....Zack had a birthday on Tuesday and we went to our favorite restaurant....135 Prime. It was so nice to be able to have dinner with just the two of us. We had reservations at 8:00 and we didn't leave until after 10:00. We really enjoyed eachothers company and just got to talk about everything that is happening in our life right now!
The new iPhone came out today....that is what Zack wanted for his birthday and my little sister got to get one bc of her hard work in summer school. We got up this morning and got to the AT&T store at about 7:50. The line was LONG....BUT we got the phones. It took 3 hours to get all of this stuff done.


The Broaddus Family said...

i can't believe you are doing all this with a baby on the way! way to go girl! things sound so exciting and i'm so happy for ya'll! =)