Tuesday, July 22, 2008


I don't have any new pictures.....(A) Because I try to stay away from the house...it just stresses me out right now. (B) Because I packed my bag for the hospital and my camera's are in it. It would be just my luck to forget the camera. I went ahead and packed because everyone was bugging me and telling me I needed to. SO both of my camera's and our video camera is in the bag. Let me just fill you in on what has happened the last week. I had a Dr.'s appointment on Thursday. She checked me and I was 2 cent dilated 80% effaced and at a +1 station. In layman's terms that could mean two things.....he could come anyday now or I could be like this for two more weeks. YUCK! I came went Thursday and got a pedicure bc they say you have pressure points in your feet that can induce labor. I thought maybe just maybe it had worked because I had contractions ALL night. I called the Dr the next morning and went back in. I was still the same, BUT she hooked me up to the monitor to track my contractions. The first time she came in to check the monitor she said I might be heading to the hospital....then she left and the contractions flat lined! Just my luck. She gave me something to help me sleep and I went home. Pretty much I have had contractions on and off since then. I don't sleep and I am completely worn out! I have been walking for the past 2 weeks! It has gotten just too entirely hot to walk outside SO I have become a mall walker! It's really funny...you see the same people every morning. I'm sure they look at me and think WOW she is about to POP!! Some have commented. I don't mind the comments as long as they don't include the words TWINS, BIG, WOW, or HUGE. I feel like I have vented enough a lot of you are probably tired of reading about it. Please keep us in your prayers that something happens soon or I might just lose my mind!


The Broaddus Family said...

I can't believe Carson is almost here!!! SO excited for you!!!

Ape and Brett said...

he will be here soon enough.. just keep up the walking and PUPPY DOG EYES AT THE DR APPT!! I can't wait to hear what she says tomorrow!! We love you and can't wait to meet him!! I better get a call AS SOON AS YOUR ARE ADMITTED