Saturday, July 26, 2008


Our house has stone and a new mailbox!! It is a really pretty stone and I'm excited about the color that we were able to have in it!

This is our new garage door. It was two seperate ones. Zack's favorite part of this door is it's so quiet! Apparently if you have it on a belt rather than a chain it's quiet and it also has something to do with the motor.....ANYWAYS this is our new QUIET garage door!

Closer look at the front of the house! I love my little stone house!!!
New french doors in the back and new windows! The doors have the built in blinds! Who knew little things like that could be so exciting! The stone ledge will go all the way around the house and there will be stucco above it some day.

The back of our house with the new addition on it. We are adding almost 300 sq feet!!

Kind of blurry.....but the window that is going to be above my new bathtub. Don't worry it will be frosted and have blinds!

New addition....Doorway to the new bathroom and Zack's Closet!

The new windows that will go on either side of our bed.
My closet! I think it's huge! I def. will have to go through my stuff and only keep what is necessary. This could be great or it could be a disaster......more room....more stuff to pile in it!

Extra bedroom. This picture really doesn't give the new paint justice. The desk nook is done and I love the way it looks.
Guest bath.....I know you can't tell what anything is. The bathtub should be going in this week.
FINALLY Carson's room is done being painted! We had to start all over again because of some patching issues. Zack was sweet enough to paint the base coat and mom and I painted the stripes. Mind you it was a sight to see...bc literally I look like I'm about to POP! On that note, there is not really any news are the baby front. I went to the Dr. on Friday and she said that he is about 8 pounds right now and doesn't want to set a date for induction yet. :-( I walked out of her office and started crying. Poor Zack didn't know what to do with me. He could come any day now. We are just playing a waiting game (which sucks!) I was 3 cents dilated and 90% effaced SO pretty much I'm just waiting on Contractions to get things going! Please pray that he comes soon. I'm not sleeping at all and am pretty miserable!


Katie said...

He'll be here soon enough...just keep your chin up and try to stay cool :) The house looks beautiful Court! CONGRATS!

Can't wait to see little Carson, you'd better post pictures!