Monday, September 15, 2008

6 weeks

Here is Carson after his bath time. He hates taking a bath. I'm hoping that he will start to like them when he can finally be in the water. We still have to be careful with his umbilical cord still being attached.

I can't believe that Carson was born 6 weeks ago today! He has grown so much! He is smiling and cooing. He is absolutely adorable. We want to get his picture made but we are still waiting for his umbilical cord stump to fall off......yes you read that right he STILL has it. We went to the Dr. last Weds and she said that he was just trying to set a record. If he hasn't lost it by Weds of this week we have to go back in and she will give us some meds to help it come off. My mom informed me that she didn't lose hers for a long time as well. She actually had to have hers removed in the Dr's office. I am hoping that he doesn't have to do that. Please pray that it will come off in the next two days.

News from the house....we are still waiting. Things are starting to really come along though. I will take pictures today or tomorrow.


Poco Wilson said...

Hey court.. Miss you guys.. Can't believe how big Carson is getting.. Can't wait to come visit. Will be there November 1st and would love to see you two.. Hope all is going well with the house.. Call me soon, we need to catch up.. I love you