Wednesday, July 30, 2008

3rd Anniversary

First wedding anniversary!
2nd Wedding Anniversary
Today is the day that I married my best friend 3 years ago. I can't believe that it has really been that long. I have thought about everything that we have done over the past three years and can't believe we have been able to do so much. The first year that we were married we decided to buy Zack's security business. Let me tell you that has been a ride in itself. We are FINALLY starting to see the pay out. BUT we do own the business now, no more payments. I graduated during the 2nd year and started working a REAL job. It has been a fantastic and I love my job. We started out the 3rd year with a bit of dissapointment with the miscarriage, BUT it has only made us stronger and we are SO looking forward to meeting our son if he ever decides he wants to make his debut. We bought the house this year and have gutted the house, but it will truly be our home once it is done. Zack is taking me to dinner tonight to celebrate! I'm excited, this HOPEFULLY will be the last dinner with just Zack and I.

Saturday, July 26, 2008


Our house has stone and a new mailbox!! It is a really pretty stone and I'm excited about the color that we were able to have in it!

This is our new garage door. It was two seperate ones. Zack's favorite part of this door is it's so quiet! Apparently if you have it on a belt rather than a chain it's quiet and it also has something to do with the motor.....ANYWAYS this is our new QUIET garage door!

Closer look at the front of the house! I love my little stone house!!!
New french doors in the back and new windows! The doors have the built in blinds! Who knew little things like that could be so exciting! The stone ledge will go all the way around the house and there will be stucco above it some day.

The back of our house with the new addition on it. We are adding almost 300 sq feet!!

Kind of blurry.....but the window that is going to be above my new bathtub. Don't worry it will be frosted and have blinds!

New addition....Doorway to the new bathroom and Zack's Closet!

The new windows that will go on either side of our bed.
My closet! I think it's huge! I def. will have to go through my stuff and only keep what is necessary. This could be great or it could be a disaster......more room....more stuff to pile in it!

Extra bedroom. This picture really doesn't give the new paint justice. The desk nook is done and I love the way it looks.
Guest bath.....I know you can't tell what anything is. The bathtub should be going in this week.
FINALLY Carson's room is done being painted! We had to start all over again because of some patching issues. Zack was sweet enough to paint the base coat and mom and I painted the stripes. Mind you it was a sight to see...bc literally I look like I'm about to POP! On that note, there is not really any news are the baby front. I went to the Dr. on Friday and she said that he is about 8 pounds right now and doesn't want to set a date for induction yet. :-( I walked out of her office and started crying. Poor Zack didn't know what to do with me. He could come any day now. We are just playing a waiting game (which sucks!) I was 3 cents dilated and 90% effaced SO pretty much I'm just waiting on Contractions to get things going! Please pray that he comes soon. I'm not sleeping at all and am pretty miserable!

Tuesday, July 22, 2008


I don't have any new pictures.....(A) Because I try to stay away from the just stresses me out right now. (B) Because I packed my bag for the hospital and my camera's are in it. It would be just my luck to forget the camera. I went ahead and packed because everyone was bugging me and telling me I needed to. SO both of my camera's and our video camera is in the bag. Let me just fill you in on what has happened the last week. I had a Dr.'s appointment on Thursday. She checked me and I was 2 cent dilated 80% effaced and at a +1 station. In layman's terms that could mean two things.....he could come anyday now or I could be like this for two more weeks. YUCK! I came went Thursday and got a pedicure bc they say you have pressure points in your feet that can induce labor. I thought maybe just maybe it had worked because I had contractions ALL night. I called the Dr the next morning and went back in. I was still the same, BUT she hooked me up to the monitor to track my contractions. The first time she came in to check the monitor she said I might be heading to the hospital....then she left and the contractions flat lined! Just my luck. She gave me something to help me sleep and I went home. Pretty much I have had contractions on and off since then. I don't sleep and I am completely worn out! I have been walking for the past 2 weeks! It has gotten just too entirely hot to walk outside SO I have become a mall walker! It's really see the same people every morning. I'm sure they look at me and think WOW she is about to POP!! Some have commented. I don't mind the comments as long as they don't include the words TWINS, BIG, WOW, or HUGE. I feel like I have vented enough a lot of you are probably tired of reading about it. Please keep us in your prayers that something happens soon or I might just lose my mind!

Friday, July 11, 2008

Contruction ZONE!!!

One of Carson's Walls!! We are almost finished painting his room. We couldn't paint the other walls today bc they were putting in our new windows! Today you can really see everything that is happening. I'm getting REALLY excited about his project of ours!

Can you tell that their is NO BRICK on our house?? The new windows are getting installed.

What a pile of bricks!! See the stone behind it.....that is going up tomorrow! The men had all of the brick taken off the house before 9 this morning!!

A new window INSTALLED!! That is the guest bedroom!

Zack's uncle in actions!! Check him out hard at work. All of the windows should be in today and it will be ready for STONE tomorrow!! Can you tell i'm getting a little bit excited?
In other news....Zack had a birthday on Tuesday and we went to our favorite restaurant....135 Prime. It was so nice to be able to have dinner with just the two of us. We had reservations at 8:00 and we didn't leave until after 10:00. We really enjoyed eachothers company and just got to talk about everything that is happening in our life right now!
The new iPhone came out today....that is what Zack wanted for his birthday and my little sister got to get one bc of her hard work in summer school. We got up this morning and got to the AT&T store at about 7:50. The line was LONG....BUT we got the phones. It took 3 hours to get all of this stuff done.

Monday, July 7, 2008

Busy Bees!

Well let me start out by saying we have decided to stay in the duplex until the end of the month. This has taken a lot of stress off of me. I'm going to keep packing but do it a little at a time. Sunday I thought I was going to die...I started to pack all of my clothes, and it was quite the task. I had to sit down mid afternoon and ended up falling asleep for a couple of hours. I don't think that being this pregnant and trying to pack is the best idea. Oh well, at least I can do it a little at a time.

In other news...we started painting Carson's room today. It is a little bright right now, but it will have lighter stripes on it. It will look better when his bedding and furniture is in there! The colors actually match his bedding exactly.

Zack just posed for the picture. He was doing much harder things than the painting....Don't worry my dad said the smell was okay. They are all water based now.

I have my next appointment Thursday.....Hopefully I can post finished pictures of the nursery by then.